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Depression can leave you feeling completely empty and hopeless. It can disrupt your sleep and your appetite. It can make concentrating at work or school next to impossible. And it can even cause you to lose interest in the things you love most.

In sum, depression can completely uproot your life. Fortunately, however, you don’t have to sit idly by and watch as it takes over. Instead, you should seek out effective treatment such as depression counseling, which has proven to help individuals manage their symptoms and live happier. If you’re struggling with depression, reach out to Thriveworks Waltham. Our counselors are able and eager to help you.


What Is Depression Counseling? Do I Need Help?

Do you feel hopelessly depressed and disconnected from your life? Additionally, are you suffering from any of the following symptoms:

·      Feelings of intense despair

·      Loss of interest/pleasure in your favorite activities

·      Difficulty falling or staying asleep

·      Inability to focus or think properly

·      Big changes in appetite or weight

·      Serious fatigue or lack of energy

·      Suicidal thoughts

 If so, you might be depressed, and it’s important you talk to a mental health professional as soon as possible. They can assess your symptoms, offer diagnosis, and recommend a treatment plan, of which will likely include depression counseling. Depression counseling is designed to help afflicted individuals manage the symptoms they’re experiencing, adapt healthier thought patterns, and ultimately live a happier, healthier life.


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